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Hello Greenbelt friends and supporters,

I hope you are all well. I'm writing to update you on the current situation at Greenbelt's properties. While we're delighted that so many people are getting outside and using the trails, our properties are seeing unprecedented numbers of visitors. We are doing all we can to keep them safe and open for all, and to keep our own stewardship crew safe.

You'll notice a new sign when you visit our properties. Please do your part to maintain safe distancing while outside, including keeping your dogs on leash at all times. While there is no data to indicate that pets spread viruses, off leash pet activity can bring people too close together. It's also simply a courtesy to others who may be uncomfortable with your pet getting too close. Keep a safe distance from people in parking areas and be especially cautious at congested areas like boardwalks and bridges. Maintain a minimum of 6 feet of separation from others. If it's too crowded, please come back another time.

Every day is different, but one thing many people have told me is the comfort they find in seeing the natural world going on about its business, unaffected by our troubles (though still impacted by a changing climate!). Bluebirds are back, spring peepers and woodcocks enliven our evenings, and trees are budding. I hope you can enjoy some outdoor time, and will help us keep everyone safe and comfortable. If you are in a position to make a contribution to Greenbelt at this challenging time, we would certainly appreciate it.

Be well, and keep in touch.



Kate Bowditch

 P.S. Please click here for this morning's video message! 


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